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Accompanying person's programme

Mon, 24 May Tea party - Everybody is invited (Free) *
Mon, 24 May Special Bus tour (8,000 Japanese Yen) *
Tue, 25 May Exhibition and Experience of Braiding (Kumihimo)*
  Nara Afternoon Tour (6,600 Japanese Yen)**
Wed, 26 May Exhibition of Fan Making
  Walking in Sagano-Arashiyama (8,500 Japanese Yen)**
Thu, 27 May Experience the ‘Way of Tea’ *

* If you would like to participate, please fill out the form from detailed pages.
** To apply for the tour of May 25 and 26, please come to "Tea party" which will be held on Monday, May 24, at "SWAN" or "Tour desk" at the conference site.

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